The New Name of God Rules;


  • We are at the forefront of life-changing events. The luckiest generation ever to be on earth is now.
  • Readers will be brought to a vast new frontier of wisdom from the highest heaven. The greatest revelations that plant earth ever heard will be revealed. The new name of God will be given to you and be decoded, you will find the secret and the power of his name. the significance of his work will be known. While the world was asleep, God manifested His kingdom that we pray for in the Lord's Prayer. What the world refers to as "The Rapture", is the higher consciousness and knowledge of God. Now is the time to focus, because time is running out. If you are one of the chosen ones, do not waste another moment on your journey to enlightenment. The seemingly impossible is changing into incredibly fascinating reality. What a marvelous time to exist. The fullness of time shall now manifest in it's splendor. "The Ancient of Days" is leading mankind to the next stage of evolution.